Outdoor Locations

When preparing for a photo shoot, I love to involve my clients in choosing a location.  Many of you have connected with a particular style or background, and it is important for me to understand what type of style best fits your family and lifestyle.  Knowing what location we will be shooting at can also have an impact on what you will choose to wear.  I have included some of my favorite locations in the Utah County area.  Your choices are not limited to only these, however, they are some of my favorite suggestions.

Provo, UT Orchards
Lots of greenery, blossoms in the Spring, great for props, tree lines.

American Fork, UT Amphitheater
Grassy hills, lots of trees and shade, rock walls, unique architecture and stairwells.

American Fork, Ut – Timpanogos Temple
Grassy hills, lots of trees and shade, temple, arches, wall.

Riverbottoms #1
Side walk, grass, bridge.

 Riverbottoms #2
Grass, river, bridge, trees.

Lehi, UT - Urban
Brick Walls, Rustic Walls, Railroad tracks

Saratoga Springs
Grass, Streams, Lake, Docks

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