What To Wear

When working with a client prior to a photo shoot, it is inevitable that I am asked “what should I wear?”  Here are a few tips:

Coordinate Without Matching – The matching denim was a big trend back in the 90’s but we have moved on from there.  Choose a color scheme and coordinate your families colors without wearing the exact same thing.  Choose 4 colors that coordinate together such as cream, brown, mustard yellow and blue.  Be sure to incorporate a bright color that will POP in the pictures.  Avoid putting each family in the exact same shirt, but rather choose clothes that have the same colors but are different patterns and designs.  For example...

This family decided to go with coral, cream, navy blue, and royal blue.
They have effectively balanced the patterns with solids.  If they all had patterns it would be way too busy, and all solids would be plain and lack interest.

Keep Pattern & Contrast in Mind – Textures and contrast help make a photograph interesting and diverse.  Balance patterns with solids, darks with lights, and brights with neutrals. For example...

The boys shirts bring pattern, mom's shirt is solid which balances out the pattern, however it has ruffles that add texture and visual appeal.  Dad's shirt probably could have been plain, and since this is MY family I can be critical! :)

Be Yourself – Above all, be yourself.  If there is an article of clothing you wouldn’t normally love, you will not love it in pictures.  Similarly, if your husband is always seen wearing a rock band shirt, he will most likely think he looks ridiculous in a button-up shirt.  Stay true to your family and yourself, and capture the NOW.

Keep Location In Mind - If you are taking pictures at the beach, high heels or knee high boots would not be appropriate, and will feel strangely out of place in your photos.  Take location into consideration when picking your outfits.

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